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23rd September 2012 -
'Space Travel' - New video just launched on YouTube.


A new video from the Farrell Kelly collaboration has just been lanched on their YouTube channel, Farrell Kelly Guitar. This is the first in a series of four new videos that were shot to promote their latest album, 'New Frontiers', (due for release this coming November).

The piece itself, 'Space Travel', is the fourth movement of a five movement suite entitled, 'Travel Pieces'. All of the pieces in the suite reflect on a different type of travel, (Air Travel, Land Travel, Sea Travel, Space Travel and Time Travel), and each of the pieces requires the performer to use a digital delay unit, each with it's own unique set up. Little, if any, music has been written in the way these pieces have been written so an altogether new musical experience is afforded to both the performer and the listener in this instance.

'Air Travel' was released at the end of last year as a bonus track on the number one charting EP, 'Jolt', and the full suite will soon be available to listen to in it's entirety when the upcoming album, 'New Frontiers' is released in Novemeber.  

Subscribe to the Farrell Kelly Guitar YouTube channel and keep up to date with future releases. The three videos presently on the channel have already clocked up over 20,000 views collectively.


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