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14th February 2008 -
New Commission.


Ciarán has been commissioned to compose a new work for piano by American patron Tom Ayers. The new work will be in five movements, each of which will be a meditation/reflection on a particular biblical proverb.

Twenty paintings have also been commissioned from internationally renowned artists resident in the Washington D.C. area and beyond. Ciarán's five movement work will be one of several works to accompany these paintings at their exhibition, to be scheduled once the series is complete.

Patron Tom Ayers says, 'My wife and I have been commissioning a series of paintings on verses from the book of Proverbs. Our intent is to have these works exhibited, so that people might become intrigued by the paintings and consider the verses. I want to share verses that I have found meaningful in my life'.

He goes on to say, 'As we drew near the end of our commissioning paintings, I got this idea in my head of commissioning some musical works, which could be performed at an exhibition of these paintings. Like the paintings, the musical works would be meditations on the same verses: the composer's own personal response to what he's read'.

At present, there are a total of 19 paintings; most have contributed one painting, some as many as seven: John Berkey , Brad Holland , Ron Walotsky , Jael , Dennis McGeary , Ernie Gerzabeck , Jackson Dembar , Debbie Hughes , Margaret Gregory, Barbara Lorei and Maurice Hill, are all contributing works to this ambitious project.

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About Ciarán

Ciarán Farrell is a full time composer living and working in Ireland. On graduating from Trinity College Dublin he was dubbed by then head of department, Hormoz Farhat, as being, ' of the most promising composition students I have had in a teaching career spanning some thirty five years.' Read more